Tuesday, October 23, 2007

happy birthday "dad"

cody snorgles wonton
This is a photo of me, my brother Cody, and the man who takes care of me. Today's his birthday. I don't know how old he is in people or dog years, which isn't surprising, considering that I don't even really know his name. I guess I could just call him "Dad". He's a real softie, so that should be good for a few extra treats. I hope he gets a lot of presents today so I can chew on the wrapping paper and maybe even some ribbon!

Oh, and sorry about not blogging for a while. I let my brother crash here for the weekend, I even let him blog, but his visit just wore me out. I was trying to put my toys back in their hiding places, where I like to play with them because Cody tried to take over and mess with my toys and stuff. Brothers, you love them but sometimes they're just a pain. Anyway, things are back to normal now so I should be posting regularly again.

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Par said...

Beautiful family pic, where's your mommy!!