Monday, September 24, 2007

small dog, big city

small dog, big city
Photo courtesy of the man who takes care of me

There's something about the Downtown Los Angeles skyline that makes me feel... even smaller. But I still like looking at the bright lights of this city. And much as I hate to admit it, I miss the man and woman who take care of me.

The woman tends to go overboard sometime with her displays of affection for me, but I've gotten used to her singing me to sleep with "Puppy Love" and wiping me down every time I come back inside from doing my business on the patio. I miss how the man who takes care of me lets me sleep on top of the bed with him, watching reruns of The Simpsons while we wait for the woman to finish her bedtime rituals.

Don't get me wrong, I love visiting with my brother Cody and his loftmates, I'm having a blast. But I miss sleeping in my own bed and being the only puppy in the house. Okay, I'm going to say it, I miss my "mom" and "dad".


jim said...

we miss you, too!

Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

We are sorry that you are homesick Wonton. We hope your people will be back soon!

Ozzie & Rocky

Lacy said...

woofies wonton!!! nice to meet u...i hopeies ur mama and daddy come homes soon..i knows u misses dem very much. i will do ur tag laters and let u know where i iz..

b safe,