Monday, November 5, 2007

looking forward to yappy hour this thursday

wonton is aroused
I can't believe the woman who takes care of me took this picture of me sporting pink.

I'm so excited! This Thursday is the November Yappy Hour at The Lofty Dog! I've met so many cool downtown dogs in the past week, I've told them all about Yappy Hour and how we get to romp all over the store and eat treats. I hope everyone I met comes ready to play. Will you be there?


Dolly & Zoopy said...

Hi Wonton,

Cute face and cute name!!!

Come visit us at and hope to be pawfriends with you.

Dolly and Zoopy

Par said...

I love the way your sitting!

Joe Cornish said...

You look really good with your hair combed back, Wonton. It's sort of a cosmopolitan, devil-may-care look.

However, this photo makes me just a little hesitant of ever leaving you and Ruby alone together.

It's just that she's so sweet and innocent......


Amici said...

Wow! What kind of pup are you? You are WAY CUTE!!! (And my human prefers larger that is saying something :P)

Great pics!

We hope you have a very fun but relaxing Thanksgiving!

PS. we found you through DWB Paw It Forward (hope you don't mind)