Monday, August 13, 2007

wonton in the house!

hi, my name is wonton and i'm a shih tzu living in downtown los angeles. i'm almost four months old and i was born downtown, so i guess i'm a real 213 dog (213 is downtown's area code). right now i can't explore downtown because the man and woman who take care of me say i'm too young and i keep trying to pick up all sorts of things with my mouth. jeez, you pick up one cigarette butt on the patio and that woman goes batshit. whatever, soon i'll be out and about, exploring my 'hood.

i'd love to tell you more about me, but i gotta go. the woman who takes care of me is sitting in front of her laptop crying, something about writer's block. whatever. she's not looking, so this is my chance. i'm going to sneak into the bedroom and chew on those yummy-looking black shoes with the shiny straps. she said something about it being "her favorite", which i think means that it tastes like liver. i like liver.

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shainLA said...

welcome to the wonderful world of writing wonton!