Tuesday, November 13, 2007

resting up for a downtown dog walk

wonton in a basket

Tomorrow is the monthly Downtown Dog Walk at Pershing Square, hosted by my friends Dodger and his sister Aggie. I had such a blast at last month's dog walk, I met all these great dogs that live downtown. There were approximately a dozen dogs, their owners and other dog lovers, and we all walked from Pershing Square to Maguire Gardens at the Central Library. Once there, we ran up and down steps and around the garden - one of us even jumped in the fountain to cool off! I was really tired after that dog walk, so I'm resting up now.

This month's dog walk, we will be joined by the LAPD's Officer Duarte, the Senior Lead Officer for the LAPD patrol district that covers Pershing Square and the adjacent areas. I've got a few questions for Officer Duarte, specifically, what do I do when I walk down the street and see a pit bull on a leash, snarling and snapping, barely being restrained by his/her owner? Happened to me the other night, scared the bejeezus out of me. So bring your questions for Officer Duarte (and an extra dog treat for me), and I'll see you at the Downtown Dog Walk!


shainLA said...

i'd love to join in the walk wonton but fear my presence would distract you too much... ;)

Par said...

You look really tire.

Unknown said...

Hey Wonton- I may bark at you when I am on a leash, but I really am a sweet heart.

I know the feeling of being intimidated; as I was walking through Chinatown some pit bull was off the leash and wanted to attack me. If the dog is on a leash though, it just makes noise if it is not close, don't worry.

XOXO from Isis